Firstpost Conversations | How liveable are our urban centres?

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Firstpost Conversations | The Indian Millennial and ...

1 Firstpost Conversations | The Indian Millennial and Elections 2019. 2 In the aftermath of the Pulwama massacre, calls to abrogate Article 370 grow louder across India. 3 Modi-MbS joint statement provides reality check about India's foreign policy: So many partners, so few friends.

Samsung announces its 219-inch TV at CES 2019 so your home ...

tech2 News Staff Jan 08, 2019 09:57:05 IST. CES 2019 is underway, and Samsung announced The Wall 2019 — a 219-inch modular Micro LED screen that can transform your living room into a cinema. Samsung launched a 146-inch sized The Wall last year at CES 2018 calling it "the world’s first modular TV." It also used the MicroLED technology to produce its picture.

How "liveable" are our cities? | Firstpost Conversations Episode 1

#FirstpostConversations: Rupali Mehra asks #urban planner #LubainaRangwala, #BJP MLA #AshishShelar and #author #AmritaMahale if our cities can be qualified as "liveable".

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Is Mexico liveable? - Quora

Is Mexico liveable? I’m afraid the question reflects some odd prejudice against Mexico or Latin America, but yes indeed, Mexico is quite livable, while the livability and quality of life of much of the rest of the world that considers itself superior, is quite questionable. And then there’s Donald Trump …

Boise, Idaho | Livability

Boise, Idaho has never missed a ranking our our Top 100 Best Live list, not to mention numerous other Livability rankings. As the capital and most populous city in Idaho, Boise helps set the cultural tone of the state, offering residents and visitors a rich collection of amenities from parks and restaurants to museums and music venues. Boise State University drives the economy in Boise, along ...

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